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Artist-in-Residence, Part 2: Volunteers

We've met some GREAT new friends during our time at The Leonardo as the artist-in-residence. As a focus, we've been exploring "the JOLLY art of theatre" by making 3D masks for an upcoming production our RFP's first book, "Climbing with Tigers"! Each of the noses you see below showed up and donated some serious time to helping us create some costuming (we'll show you that in another post).

We printed our Creative's Troopers (from our first 6 books) on cardboard and then asked our Volunteer friends to pick up the Trooper that "spoke to them" and pose for a picture. Isn't it interesting which Trooper each person picked up. Was it picked for its color? Was it picked for their story? Which Trooper would you pick and why?

We sure appreciate EVERY SINGLE EFFORT made to help us get further along in our project. Thx to all you Volunteers! It was wonderful spending time with you!

Dallas GrahamComment