Red Fred Project

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A Local Collections "Troop" consists of 5 adults proficient/professional in different areas of creative expression teaming up with a “local” extraordinary child. Together they make something wonderful: a life-legacy for that child in the form of a children’s book, driven and grown from the Troop’s “Creative.” (That’s what we call the children we work with.) Utah is the first state to begin creating a local collection.

Each book project costs $7,500 and the Troop is responsible for getting it funded. The funds cover printing costs, stipends for the individual Troop members, and publishing efforts taken on by RFP/HQ. 

The positions in each Troop include: Writer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer and an organizer we lovingly call the "Fun!raiser." 

There are two ways you can join a Troop:

1. Find and create your own Troop of 5 adults and contact RFP when you’re ready to start. 
2. Submit your name to RFP and wait for us to pair you with 4 others.