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Artist-in-Residence, Part 3: Play-Shops

Perhaps the most significant portion of our time as artist-in-residence at The Leonardo was "exploring the JOLLY art of theatre" with some new friends. We asked our collaborators (who happen to be creative geniuses), Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory, to conduct one-hour "Play-Shops" with a number of guests that have showed up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

These new friends are from a couple of pretty great organizations: Angel's Hands Foundation and Ronald McDonald House. Both organizations have been very supportive of our efforts and are very much interested in similar things we are, namely: awesome kids that are problem-solving some tough stuff, with a lot of creativity and wisdom. 

Each hour, the play-shops were divided into a portion focused on mask-making and a portion focused on character development and story imagining. Scott and Andra, the geniuses from Flying Bobcat, have done a terrific job with our new friends and helped us think more about making stories and then acting them out!

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