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Artist-in-Residence, Part 1: Stories to Tell

We're on our last week as the artist-in-residence at The Leonardo, a wonderful museum which encourages its patrons (and it's artists-in-residence) to explore, explore, explore! This is our second residency with them and during our time here, we've seen and learned some fascinating things. 

When we were thinking about getting the public's opinion and thoughts regarding something touching our project, we decided to ask them what we ask each of our Red Fred Project Creatives at the beginning of every story-making process:

"If you could write a story for the whole world to read, what would it be about?" 

We had Jane, our new RFP graphic design intern, chalk up the wall pretty-like and then let the rest of the doing happen on its own accord. What you see below are images we've captured of the public's response. Read them. Chuckle at them. Think about them. And then, think about YOUR response if you were asked the same question. 

Dallas GrahamComment