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Zephyr, the merry bird pictured here, has some important news: the Red Fred Project library is running low and it’s time to reboot by printing fresh batches of six of our books! Our books are not only our reason for being—and our storyteller childrens’ legacy works as authors—but they’re also the thing we put out into the world.

When we raise the money to print new batches, we can sell them and share them and keep this big wonderful work going strong. We find more children living with extraordinary illnesses, then help them tell the stories born of their imaginations. The books they create with us live forever and enrich all of our lives—not just the kids who become first-time authors!


Each year, the Red Fred Project team needs to raise funds to reprint the books that so happily fly off the shelves. And the holidays happen to be one of the most joyful times to celebrate the impact these books make on everyone who reads them and helps make them—and, of course, the extraordinary children who provide the vision for them.

Our fundraising goal is an audacious one. But then, so are the kids who inspire everything we do. And if there’s one thing we carry away from every book, it’s a belief in big, bold, and magical things.

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