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Update #13: Book 3 Beginnings | Hurdles | New Years Eve

Dear Red Fred Project Backers,

It's below freezing in Salt Lake City (a balmy 21º F) and yesterday in Santa Monica, CA, I think it was low 70s. Regardless of the shift, things are moving ahead, into the sky, with the Red Fred Project.

Here's what's going on:

• we had our workshop with our California Creative, Jordan, last wkend! I found the Vincent family tucked away in a lovely neighborhood in Santa Monica. Jordan was chipper, sharp and always siding towards silly. On Friday we talked about her likes, basic ideas of the book, we designed and named her bird (Delilah Brannboll), ate spinach pizza and also had an interview with a organization named HooplaHa that will be doing a story on Jordan. It was a lot and she did wonderfully. 

• Jordan was also selected by Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for their Holiday Campaign. There is a very real and moving montage of her that I invite you to view. There are volumes to take away from it—realizing what children like her go through in their efforts to slay cancer. Please take a moment, watch this montage and let your intuition do something to you.

Jeanette, Gracie, Larry & Jordan

Jeanette, Gracie, Larry & Jordan

• we have been notified by our printer that "Friend Ships in a Storm" may be delayed for the book-signing event next Monday night. We are crestfallen, a bit, but we still hope a Christmas miracle happens. I'm very sorry to be delivering this news, but please stay tuned, especially you Idaho folks planning on going, as to what we will do. 

Presley, Holly, Shae & Michael

Presley, Holly, Shae & Michael


• the city of Boise and some people helping plan a New Year's Eve event have invited us to be apart and they want to showcase the Simis Family! We are trying to work out details as to what that means and, it might be there that we have a New Year's book-signing. We'll keep you posted. 

Each time I've started a new book project with a new child, I'm fascinated by the universal realization that they are all very different and all very similar. That sounds like an obvious observation, I'm sure, but I think you can imagine what I mean, too. The continued desire I witness, over and over, is one of perseverance, optimism and maturity. 

We hope our dropping in on you reminds of the "upper" things during this Holiday season. Thanks to each of you, we get to continue our movement forward in finding and working with each of these new Creatives! 

More to come!

Dallas & Red Fred

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