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Update #14: Book 3 Book-signing

Happy Holiday, Red Fred Project Backers!

It's Sunday night, 6:16p, in Salt Lake City, and the holiday cheer couldn't be merrier, to be totally honest. This last week we had a scare as the printers weren't sure if they'd have the books ready for our book-signing, but Old St Nick pulled a fast one and we now have 200 copies of the book—all purchased by the Simis family—in the boot of my hatchback. We are going to "sled" them up bright and early tomorrow morning. 

As far as what's going on and "upcoming":

• the event is being held at this address: Scentsy Office Tower, 2901 E Pine Avenue, Meridian, Idaho, 83642; 6:30p-8:00p.

• tomorrow night, 6:30-8:00p, is our second book-signing with Shaelyn! So much of what we're doing with all these Creatives will culminate at this event, as they are able to connect with their friends, family and community to share what they've learned and created with their individual books. So, in a BIG way, this is one of the pay off days!

• just a reminder: all of the proceeds made from the book purchases go to the family. This is one of the major reasons why we are excited for this family. It's a fun creative way that your support really does support a great cause! 

• the book is now available for purchase and will be shipped to you! We place the orders weekly on Monday. This week's orders will not be arriving before Christmas, but hopefully you'll still find reason to share and support the effort, even if the holiday goes by.

• SPOILER ALERT: there is a certain "lightning" bird that may make a cameo appearance in our new book. :) I guess you'll have to read it for yourselves. 

• we are currently working on Jordan's story and hope to give you more on that. If you didn't catch it from Facebook, I'll share it here: her bird's name is Delilah and she's a fashion designer.

• we are in earnest to get you your rewards. Thank you for bearing with us (and by "us" I mean me, Dallas. It's a one-man show right now and I'm doing my best to get your rewards out the door). 
Thank you for all the amazing support as we move ahead with this project. Seeing the book-signing to number 2 only makes us more excited to see the signing for book number 3! We'll keep you updated via social media, as much as we can. In case you haven't found us, here you go:

Twitter: @redfred_project Facebook: search Red Fred Project Instagram: @redfredproject; #redfredproject

Wishing all of you buckets and pillows of Holiday Cheer!

Dallas & Red Fred

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