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Update #11: December = Reward Fulfillment, Book(s) for Xmas?

Dear Red Fred Project Backers,

I couldn't hit the hay without our weekly "meet up." I enjoy these moments with you more and more. This is going to be very quick, so I hope you'll forgive my brevity.

December marks a very FUN/FULL month with the Red Fred Project for the following reasons: 

• we are closing in on the story and artwork for the new book by our ID Creative, Shae, Friend Ships in a Storm
• we will be meeting with our CA Creative, Jordan, for her workshop either the first or second wkend in December to capture the content of her story
• we are hoping to have significant events around the both books completions
• we are hoping our super-powers kick in addition to Santa's helpers giving us a hand trying to create 2 books before Christmas—simply because that would be great fun
• reward fulfillment starts in earnest this month, with us doing AS MUCH as we possibly can to fulfill the rewards in a timely manner so be on the look out for emails asking for info

We had some really great media coverage of our time with Shae in Idaho the last couple of weeks. If you'd like to watch and read these stories, please see the 3 links below:


We have a few more families we are going to be contacting with regards to the selection of the new Creatives, as well, so that's in the pipeline! 

There's A LOT going on, as you can see. We're so very glad we are able to do this. As always, your support is incredible. Your continued support means the world. Please continue to pass along the links, tell people about the books, order copies for presents and take time to read with your children... All of this do-gooding will do more good. 

In closing, I'd like to share a fantastic quote I received this week from the book Tesla Inventor of the Electrical Age: 

Einstein said that “imagination is more important than knowledge” because “knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
What a fine thought to go to sleep to. G'night, my friends.

Dallas & Red Fred

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