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Update #12: Book 2 Moving In | CA Girl

Dear Red Fred Project Backers,

Two days late! My apologies for being a couple of days late to our "regular" sit down on Sunday. Thanks for bearing with me.

Maybe it's the "bowl full of jelly" atmosphere that seems to be tip-toeing around my neck of the woods, but are you noticing some serious MAGIC? I am! The Jolly Troop and I are constantly amazed by what's showing up—and not just RFP-related; goodness on all accounts.

Here's what's going on this week:

• I pressed "send" TODAY for book 2 "Friend Ships in a Storm" to be sent to the printer today. They will print it and then I'll need to proof it. If all goes well, we'll get a nice order ready for our Idaho book-signing

• All you Spuds: mark your calendars for Monday, 23 December. We want you to show up and show some love and support as Shae has her first book-signing event in Boise/Meridian area. We've almost nailed down the venue, so we'll be sure to send that along.

• When Shae's mom, Holly, spoke with me about the 2 lessons at the end of the book today, my words and throat got caught and the tears came easily. I'm astounded—again—by what this young girl has tried to share and the simplicity of her voice in saying what she's learned. Again: the book is worth the purchase for those 2 lessons alone.
• We are flying to Santa Monica Friday and meeting Jordan Vincent to begin the story-making for book 3! She has a wonderful premiss to her story and it's going to be a ton of fun making it. Additionally, there will be a story on her and the project done by some new friends of ours back East that are flying here to film the story. We'll give you more on that as it approaches.

• CA Film Folks: I need an indie film-maker / videographer type that can show up and help document my time there. Please send me a note ( if you think you can help out Friday, Saturday and Sunday for about 2 hrs each day. Your content will be used for a *cross your fingers* documentary we will produce in the future. Please get in touch with me ASAP and I'll let you know if I can use your help!

• I'm working with some folks that are trying to help me with finding a more price-effective point for our printing. My goal is to give the kids the funds past the point of printing, so we are figuring out new details where that can happen. It's GOOD news.

• My apologies for our delayed printings of "Climbing with Tigers." We're trying to get that mended, just as soon as we can. We had to revise some art and the printers are trying to do their best with our needs as well as many others. I know most of you have planned these for Xmas. I'm hoping that we can do that! Know that we are doing our best!

• Please message me personally if you are interested in volunteering at our event in Boise/Meridian. I will put you in touch with the RFP Volunteer Coordinator for Idaho.

And, as usual, I can't thank you enough. Just this week we received a very generous donation of large scale; and while eating tonight, a stranger stopped me and embraced me because she had heard about the project and offered to give what she had: $20. Do you know what's amazing? It's all the same: you helping us help these kids create something lasting and real.

All our love,
Dallas & Red Fred

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