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Update #10: New Cover Art, New Title, Book Ready for Pre-Sale

8:22a | Sunday | Salt Lake City

Dear Red Fred Project Backers:

Good morning to all you early morning risers (why am I saying it's "early"? Who am I kidding?). I hope your day begins with a delicious breakfast, some slow, slipper scuffing around and a pleasant opportunity to read some things you like. 

We've made some great progress on our Idaho Creative's story this week. Working on some of the artwork has brought back the familiar-and-yet-always-new elation of creation. The photo-editing has been intriguing as I look at all the images we shot and try matching what we saw with what we storyboarded. The happy "trick" is also knowing that one image may used more than once, depending on how smart we are and which portion of the image we use. Additionally, as we match up the images with the written content, we are always trying to "match" the feeling of what is being shared as a story and how it matches the backdrop.

After some happy consideration last night, I've decided I'm going to share the title of the new book, as well as the cover art, with you today! You'll recognize its similarity toClimbing with Tigers as well as a distinct difference. Are you ready? 

Cover art for our Idaho Creative's book!

Isn't that little Daisy bird about the cutest thing you've seen? Shae wanted her teeny-tiny, so we made it so. If you click on the image it will bring you to our next big news: we are making it available for pre-order, as it is planned to be completed by mid-December! Regarding purchasing the book: 

• if you are planning to go to the book-signing in Boise/Meridian next month, may I suggest you wait to purchase the book there, with Shae's family (you'll probably get a signed copy!)
• if you won't be able to attend the book-signing and you live outta state, then by all means, order your copies online through our shop

In case that link doesn't work, click on this link to go to the shop:

We hope to have our first draft ready for printing proofs and copy edits by the end of next wk! I'll be doing my best to stick to that schedule. 

Thank you for your amazing support. We couldn't do this without you. I promise each of you: this new book offers new, generations-old insight on the significance of living and the powerful imagination that children have. This week, as we gobble into Thanksgiving, I want you to know how grateful I am for each of you. And I'll also say how much the Glad family and the Simis family are grateful for your love and support. I correspond regularly with them and they are enamored by your thoughtful support.

Enjoy your Sunday. Love one another. Play a joke on someone that will enjoy it. Let's enjoy these moments together. 

Dallas & Red Fred

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