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Update #18: Messages from Strangers & Samples

Dear RFP Backers,

Good morning! It's 5:23a and my mind just opened for business, which means my body will have to follow—quickly—if we are going to make this an effective update, with no misspells. Bear with me.

This week on Facebook, I shared something I hadn't done before: two messages from strangers. Every now and then I get direct messages, via website, personal message on Facebook, or a handwritten letter. As I was reading these messages this past Saturday morning, I decided to share this with those of you that are connected to me on Facebook. Why? Well, I hope to share as many of these "good things" I receive with you. Beyond their shortened initial in their signature, these are copy and pasted directly as they arrived to my personal email inbox. 

Clicking around the internet. Came across your project. I'm honored to live in a time when the likes of you are doing such amazing things. I'm inspired and a better person for knowing of Red Fred. I live on Long Island, NY. If you need anything when your project brings you to NY, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Hi there -- Your Red Fred Project series may well be the best therapy those fifty kids -- along with their families, plus other disabled kids and their families -- will receive. Because a disability pension is basically my income (car accident, 1979), and I certainly don't have a credit card (!), I can't offer much in the way of a donation. I live in Alberta, Canada and, if you'd email me your actual postal address, perhaps I could forward you a small cheque? Also, would I be able to order from your 'catalogue?' Your all-encompassing project is worth so much more... Thanks in advance. 


The same morning I was getting ready to attend a funeral of a very dear friend of mine; he was 37 and a master at caring for others. He was a Salt Lake City epicenter—as you could find a number of connections to him, in a variety of circles. He lived a very full life and was a fantastic example of how you "care" for your clients, customers—who really end up being your friends.

Within the hour of getting the news from those two loving strangers, Red Fred Project also received two monetary donations, via the website. As I peered at the amounts and the names of those do-gooders, I saw that one had also input their phone number on the form. Suddenly, I had this notion of "How would Justin (my deceased friend) handle such happiness?"

He would call them. 

So I did.

The sweet gal didn't actually pick up, so I left as kind a message as I could muster with my froggy Saturday morning voice.

Why share this with you? I guess for a couple of reasons. The Red Fred Project is getting to be known by the merits and efforts of others. I am completely humbled each and every time I hear of "how" it gets noticed or "why" someone decides to send us "as much as they can." 

And it's because of the very nature of these "kind strangers" that are coming into our lives that I want to improve HOW we share... WHAT we share. Because I think we all need to know these kind of things. 

Secondly, I find it wonderfully pleasing that I want to be better, at connecting with others and listening to them, because of the life of my deceased friend. I love how he handled his relationships. In fact, it was said at his funeral that he had very few material things; but what he did have—and what he valued above all—where his relationships. It was amazing to see people that had known him 1 week that showed up to pay respects.

So, what can we do to be a little better communicating with our friends? Our clients? Our contributors? Are they well? Are they happy? How can we improve their lives as they are, most likely, improving ours? 

Thank you, very much, for your continued support. I feel it every day. As for the wrap-up: I'm going to load up 3 images from "The Fashion Nest" which will be sent to proof this week (!!!). Two of the images are actual spreads; one of them is a study on nests (we made it outta parenthesis). 

Make it a great week!

Dallas & Red Fred

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