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Update #17: Creative No. 3 & HooplaHa

Good morning, my dear Red Fred Project Backers.

I hope this finds you well and up&at'em. Unlike our usual Sunday updates, I've decided to post this today because I'm too excited to wait until Sunday.

A couple of months ago, just days after you helped us exceed our Kickstarter goal—thereby enabling us to move ahead on the project—I was contacted by an organization that is intent on sharing "good news—only." They call themselves HooplaHa (I love saying it aloud; it kinda jumps around in your mouth!) and they were very interested in what we were doing. They told me they'd like to come on one of my workshops with our Creatives and film how it was done. We determined to have them come along when I met Jordan, our third Creative for the Red Fred Project, based outta Santa Monica, CA. 

Here's the thing: going into people's homes is a special thing. Something about walking into their walls and then sitting in the front rooms, drinking tap water out of the glasses they use, day in and day out, or eating a peanut butter sandwich at their dinner table while you chat with the kids is ALL very special to me. I'm always cautious of who else comes with me because, well, we're sitting and creating in their very personal spaces.

We know our project is special; we know we have been entrusted with the highest trust. Consequently, I make sure (and then I make sure 4 more times) anyone that walks through that front door with me understand the place they tread on and how silvery it is.

HooplaHa sent us a very caring, loving videographer, Jeff Katz, who created what you're going to see next. He sat and watched me, quiet as a church mouse and then very tastefully interviewed Jordan and her parents. I'd like to thank him for the care with which he did his work. You can imagine my utter delight when they sent me the link to see what they had created.

Yesterday, I was sent this link and posted it on Facebook, but still knew there were thousands of you that I'd hope would like to see it. We, the Vincents included, we are all in love with this piece and we think it did our "Slayer" (Jordan's nickname) right.

I hope you take a moment to watch this 4-minute dose of sunshine. I hope you take a moment to realize, as you quietly watch this in your kitchen, in your office, at your college, in your home room—I hope each of you realize this was able to happen because you believed in what this project would do. And now... we get to see powerful glimpses into the lives of these children. What a seat to be in!

Of course, if you share this video, it will only garner more strength and attention to our project. If you are so kind to share it, would you mind also directing viewers to our Facebook page? Naturally, I'll post this in our blog, as well, so that we will alway be able to find it.

With a grateful heart and teary eyes, I thank you for helping us. There are MANY more of these videos that will be made possible because of the belief you have in these powerful, wonderful Creatives.

Now I'll give you your 4-minutes. :) Click here or click on the link below.

Artist Co-Creates Amazing Children's Books Written By Sick Kids

 ,&! my friends,
Dallas & Red Fred

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