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The Fenimore Art Museum

Great news that I have to share: I was just contacted by The Fenimore Art Museum , part of the New York Historical Association. They've been watching Red Fred Project an wanna sell our books on their selves! I talked with them this morning and they want to start by selling Emma's book (Friends Fight Fear) because it takes place in a museum. Haha! They ordered 2 dozen! When I asked our new friend, Sue, what the shelf life is (sometimes book-sellers need to set those parameters to make room for other books, and we totally understand that), she said, "Always. We're buying them. They'll live here until we sell them. We'll start with Emma's and then work towards getting the others in time." Yes!!! Why is this significant? Because it shows me that these kids' stories touch all sorts of places, like museums, and lakes, and basketball courts, and farms, and city-centers, and shopping districts, and river-walks, and front-yard trees and thereby have relevance in a rainbow of ways. Can you imagine our books filling museums across the country? I can! This was a WIN today, folks! Stick with us: only open sky ahead!

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