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Slam Dunk Book Signing!

A couple weeks ago, Red Fred Project visited our favorite people in North Carolina: Zachyus Bowers and his incredi-community of family and friends! We all met up at Bonfire Bar & Grill Restaurant and celebrated the dunk-slamming Trooper, Zach, and learned a little more what it meant to be INCREDIBLE. When we walked into the signing room, our jaws dropped a mile when we saw what Tyesia (Zachyus' mom) had been prepping for the book signing: thank you bags, t-shirts with the book's cover art, wristbands, water-bottles branded with the book title and the most INCREDI-CAKE we've seen: a cake that was designed and made to celebrate the book! We met lots of new friends and were able to meet Dream On 3, the organization that introduced Zachyus to us months ago. One of my favorite parts was when we all sat down while Zachyus read the book aloud and talked about the themes and lessons from the book. What an incredi-kid! We won't forget our new family in NC and want to thank them for what they're sharing with the rest of us through this project! If you'd like a chance to purchase Zachyus' book, click here.  

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