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Update #7: Finding Host Families

Hello Red Fred Project Backers!

Autumn has definitely settled in, in Salt Lake City. This morning we woke up to carefree snowflakes, desiring to float and drift instead of sticking. Now, at 3:43p, the sun is out and a crisp, cool air permeate the clean atmosphere.

I wanted to share some interesting developments with you for a moment. 

1. We are scheduled to have our second Skype visit with our California Creative, Jordan, this wk. It'll probably happen near the tail end.

2. We are hoping to schedule our second Skype visit with our Idaho Creative, Shaelyn, this week, too. She just returned from a "Make a Wish" trip, which we are thrilled she was able to have. She sent me a rough draft idea of concept of a story and let me tell you: it's going to be GREAT!

3. I want to be as frugal as possible with our funds for Red Fred Project, so we can get further on what we have raised before we have to go into another round of fundraising. An idea that popped up was having a Host Family to help me out with sleeping/working accommodations. What do I mean? I need to find families / couples / person that have an apartment or living space outside their home where I can work and sleep while visiting the Creative's Family. The space would need wi-fi, a desk and a bed. No frills required. Basic and simple would be fantastic. I'd also like it to be close the Creative's home so we aren't spending too much on travel time between our appointments. The way I'll do this is simply announce, via a update like this, if I need to find a place. I'll definitely check with the Creative's Family first, to see if they have any friends close by that could help out. Beyond that, I'll reach out to you, my incredible friends to see who you know in the areas I'll be traveling. 

4. I'm almost ready to start fulfillments on rewards, too. Believe it or not, it'll take some time (as you can see there are 1,428 of you lovely noses) but I hope to have all those fulfilled within the time we planned (see your reward deadline). A couple of those won't be able to be fulfilled by December, as they are future-coming books (digital versions) of the Creatives. But, as we produce them, we'll do our best to get them to you in a timely manner! And you WILL get them. :) 

5. After I have a chance to speak with both Creatives in ID and CA, I hope to be scheduling my visit to their state, during the later part of November and into December. Wouldn't it be amazing if we had 1 or 2 new books to share by the time Christmas rolled around? No promises, but you can plan on a little "St Nick" magic working inside me. Cross your hearts for me.

More soon! Thanks for all your support!


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