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Update #8: It's Jump Time

Dear RFP Backers,

Another Autumn Sunday in Salt Lake City seems to punctuate the gold-lining of this time of year. With a temperature around 61º today, many of us were out in the foothills, enjoying the gorgeous outdoors. I hope your day has been equally beautiful.

I am happy to report that this week marks our OFFICIAL jump into a "sky of hope": we will be meeting our next Creative from ID at the end of this week and we couldn't be more excited about it. I'm going to drive to Meridian, Idaho, Friday at the crack of dawn accompanied by the very talented Miaken Christensen. Miaken filmed our Kickstarter video with Nathan and as such, has known him, the family and the project since the inception. She is going to be documenting our 3 days together on film and keeping the content for future use (we think there's a documentary film worthy of making). 

We have a host family that is offering fantastic accommodations on their property and we will have plenty of space and time to work after our visits with Shaelyn. We see these visits taking about 90 minutes, each day, with specific goals marking our creative workshops. She's already been conjuring her story and I was informed that she has decided the Troopers she wants in it, as well. 

We will leave Meridian on Sunday and get back to Salt Lake City Sunday night, whereon we will be continuing to edit, design, and craft her story. I have found myself sitting eagerly awaiting—wondering what the story will be about... what her bird will look like... what lessons she will decide to share. And I'm very, very excited to share the results of her imaginative direction with you.

We couldn't be at this point without you. Each and every one of you. I won't tire of saying it, but I hope you realize, today—in this moment—that your attention, your care, your interest in seeing this project become a reality has given us the wind to fly by. 

A side note: for those of you that pledged 10+ (see your pledge reward), we still haven't heard back from many of you. We want to send you your profile images with your favorite Trooper. Please let us know and send us an image of you. :) We'll place the Trooper on your image with a dash of silly.

Talk with you again soon. Stay updated on Facebook (search Red Fred Project) or on our website via our blog ( 


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