Red Fred Project

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Repertory Dance Theatre, Ring Around the Rose

12 May 2018

What is a STORY? How does it work? Where does it go when you throw it into the sky? And why, oh why, is it important to make your own? Let's find out. Together!


Luke Maeding's Book Signing, Nazareth

16 June 2018

Stay tuned for details!


Luke Maeding's Book Signing, Pittsburgh


18 June 2018

Stay tuned for details!

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Troop Training: Charlie Co.

23 June 2018
We are looking for 5 more Troops to join our book-making adventures with kiddos in Salt Lake City. Submit your information via our website ( ) to join or create your own Troop and we'll be in touch. 


Utah Arts Festival, Big Mouth Stage

24 June 2018 | 3:00pm - 3:30pm

We've been asked to come back for our fourth year in a row, joining up with other community members dabbling, making, and sharing the literary arts in Salt Lake City.

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Utah Humanities Book Festival

September-October 2018

We participate in this wonderful event every year. We're not sure, yet, what we'll be doing during this bookish, Fallish month, but we'll let you know as soon as we make our plans!

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RFP's 5th Birthday-Versary

13 October 2018

Stay tuned for details!

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Art Insights, Southern Utah Museum of Art

1 November 2018
Stay tuned for details!

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Ririe-Woodbury World Premiere

1-2 February 2019

Stay tuned for details!