Red Fred Project




Storyteller: Brianna Grindle
Extraordinary Circumstance: Mitochondrial Disease and Dysautonomia
Book: Searching for Sea Glass

BRIANNA GRINDLE is a lively little 9-year-old girl that lets nothing get in her way. She was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disorder and dysautonomia in 2014. Because of those conditions, her stomach doesn’t digest food correctly. To help her body get what it needs, she has an ileostomy and G-J feeding tube. Despite many years of setbacks in her young life, Brianna always wears a smile for the world to see. She enjoys horses, princesses, and puzzles. She loves singing songs, going to church, and eating ice cream. Brianna appreciates and loves her family and everyone in her life. She looks forward to see where the next adventure will take her.