Red Fred Project





Chelsea Brock, Programming Director & Co-Event Coordinator

“The Red Fred Project brings to life the stories of incredible children, that in a short time have learnt more about life than some of us ever will. I am honored to be part of a team that gives volume to their voices, broadens their impact on the world, and celebrates how extraordinary they are.”

Executive Business Coach


Sean Crotty, Chair

"The Red Fred Project and the essence of this foundation symbolize everything that is good and pure about humanity. To be a part of this vision sets a precedent for how this world can thrive."
Founder, MTN RDY


Dallas Graham, Executive Director

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Jon Fisher, Development & Marketing Director; Co-Event Coordinator

“An essential element of being human is the desire to connect by telling our story and being heard. To be part of a team who empowers a child who is facing extraordinary challenges to tell their story is such an honor.”

Managing Partner, Red Apple Solutions
Founder, Ziing LLC


JB Flinders, Secretary & Treasurer; Strategy & Development Director

“The Red Fred Project embodies the best of humanity, and manifests all that is magical, whimsical, and genuine about children. Each amazing child holds a powerful and unique story, bolstered by family, friends, and a community that shares their wondrous vision. With every page they captivate you, with every hard fought battle they inspire you; leaving you speechless from the opportunity to make their dreams come to life!”

Senior Director, Strategy & Planning, Covance
Instructor, University of Utah


Rocky Jedick, Operations Directors

“There are many organizations doing incredible things and making positive differences in peoples’ lives…Red Fred Project just so happens to do so in one of the most creative, unique, and fun ways. Helping children find meaning amidst chaos and accelerating unfortunate kids to reach self-actualization was something I wanted to be part of.”

ER Physician
USAFR Flight Surgeon

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Traci Gundersen, Legal Director

“The Red Fred Project makes a difference not only in the everyday lives of extraordinary children, but especially in the audience who read and listen to their magnificent stories.”

Attorney, Traci Gundersen PLLC


Portia Snow, Vice-Chair & Logistics Coordinator

“I believe that when we tell our story it not only heals us but those who engage with it. Red Fred Project gives kids whose voices are often eclipsed by their diseases or life circumstance, a platform by which they can not only tell their story, but can share it with the world. I am honored to be a part of an organization that brings such raw, deep meaning to children and their families.”

Photographer, Visual Artist


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Joseph Galata, Nat’l Board—NV



Kindee Dixon, Advisory

"I love RFP because making a difference in people's lives is the most important thing we can do. And then to focus on beautiful children and their legacies... there's nothing better than that."
Vice President, Warm Hearts Foundation


Jen Dalley, Advisory

"Red Fred Project brings the art of storytelling to those who need it most. Each book illustrates simple yet profound concepts by kids who see the beginning and ending of life very clearly. It is an honor to be part of a team that encourages these extraordinary individuals tell their stories."
Architect, Parallel Lines


Missy Greis, Advisory

"Each page of a RFP book creates the story that will hold an entire family 'up' and bring them together during an extraordinary time... I think of myself as one of the pages."
Head Goat Wrangler, Publik Coffee

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Joseph Horton, Advisory

"I believe in protecting the vulnerable, and in the mission of healing hearts, minds, bodies, and souls."

Professor, University of Utah


Heather Kahlert, Advisory (Mother Goose)

Philanthropist & Vice President, The Kahlert Foundation


Jenn Kikel-Lynn, Advisory

"My personal motto is 'create a legacy of impact' in all that I do and by serving on the RFP board, I’m able to touch the lives of people of all ages through the books written by our Creatives."
Owner/Broker, K Real Estate & Roots Property Management; Co-Founder of The FMK Foundation